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Process mapping


Jana Gregusova · 02. 05. 2019 · Business Process Management (BPM),Process mining,Process mapping

Business Process Mapping: Five Things Your Employees Can't Tell You

Every business runs on processes. There are the processes you can see (like raw materials becoming finished goods at a factory), and there are the processes you can’t (like invoices being created, sent, and paid). The best way to get a handle on these processes is to create process maps.


Jana Gregusova · 24. 04. 2019 · Business Process Management (BPM),Process mining,Process mapping

Overcome Limitations of Manual Business Process Mapping

Process mapping. If you’ve done it, you know the manual procedure can be difficult. And if you haven’t, well...the manual procedure can be difficult. Find out about some of the pitfalls and limitations you may encounter when compiling a process map manually and how to avoid them with process mining.