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Product news


Jana Gregusova · 09. 05. 2019 · Product News,Business Process Management (BPM),Process mining

Make Processes Actionable for your Employees (with Minit 4.0)

Are your business processes actionable? Can you prove it if required? Business processes are only as good as your employees’ ability to carry them out. What happened the last time someone called in sick? Did any business processes grind to a halt? Or did a coworker easily step in and pick up the slack? If the former sounds closer to your company, it may be because your business processes aren’t well documented or transparent enough to be easily actionable.


Michal Rosik · 08. 08. 2018 · Product News

What is new in Minit version 3.2

Minit version 3.2 introduces a new Variant DNA analysis so you can immediately see the characteristics of your process, improved process cloning functionality and scheduled data refresh and automated compliance checking.


Simona Parnicka · 23. 05. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.1: Tidy up your Process Map

New Map Clustering functionality in Minit Process Mining 3.1 enables the user to visually encapsulate activities in the Process Map view (or resource in social chart view) into clusters. Nodes are grouped and laid out close to each other and visually bordered by blue dashed rectangles based on the value of the selected clustering attribute.


Simona Parnicka · 23. 05. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.1: Who’s the influencer here? Part 2

Case duration influence is a sophisticated analytical insight that automatically evaluates the impact of case-level attributes (including financial) on the mean case duration. Minit 3.1 takes all case-level attribute values and based on the mean duration of the cases having the specific case-level attribute value weighted by the volume of cases having this value calculates the percental influence of cases having this value on the overall mean case duration.