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Product news


Simona Parnicka · 13. 03. 2018 · Product News

Drumroll please! Minit 3.0 is here.

It’s time to introduce you to the best version of Minit yet, now available as a free update. It is packed with brand-new functionality that will help you dig deeper and extract more valuable insights from your data.

But before we tell you more about the individual features… let’s get to what you really want to do... go ahead and hit the button to request your update or Trial version.


Simona Parnicka · 13. 03. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.0: Refresh your analysis

Process intelligence is an iterative process. Get the data... Import... Explore... Get more data... Import... Explore... Get a bit different data... Import... Explore...  

And when you finally finish your analysis, someone asks: can we do that on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? In Minit 3.0, the answer is a single click away.


Simona Parnicka · 13. 03. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.0: Business hours-aware analysis

Everybody knows that a customer request initiated on Friday and answered on Monday is not the same as one received on Monday and answered on Thursday. But taking time into ancount within an analysis is complicated. The year, the location, specific business hours and local holidays are influencing your results and findings. If you need the precise duration in every case, you have to consider every such exception.


Simona Parnicka · 13. 03. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.0: Who is the influencer here?

Ever wondered what influences your process performance the most? Minit can now help you answer this question. Influencer is a simple, yet powerful and explanatory metric calculated for all case-level attributes in your data.


Simona Parnicka · 13. 03. 2018 · Product News

Minit 3.0: Say goodbye to repositories

Right from the beginning, Minit storage structure was built around repositories. Even though this approach gave freedom and universality to the analysts, we decided to get rid of unnecessary complexity and shorten the data-to-model time. We have reorganized the entities and rebuilt the structure.