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The Perfect Marriage: Robotic Process Automation with Process Mining

  • 07. 01. 2020
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Process Mining is a necessary step before launching any RPA initiative, as well as being vital during and after the project.

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    (This is the 3rd post in a series about the latest insights on how organizations are embracing Robotics Process Automation, and where Process Mining fits in. Want to see the 2nd post? Click here: How to Avoid Robotic Process Automation Failures: 3 Steps to Success.)

    In the initial phase of the RPA project, Process Mining helps identify the right candidates for business process automation, and it points out those that have the largest potential.

    In the deployment phase, Process Mining can provide the best scenario for running the bot, while also helping to test the bot before it goes live into deployment.

    In the post-deployment phase, it is necessary to continue monitoring the bot for its efficiency, which is an ideal task for the software. It can also provide companies with data for a before/after scenario to determine the ROI of the RPA initiative.

    Download Process Mining Trends in 2020

    What is Process Mining, Exactly...

    Known as “as-is” vs “to-be,” Process Mining analysis provides a clear and complete picture of how a company’s processes really work, in contrast to how employees think they should work.

    A manager used to get this analysis through employee interviews. The downsides of such an approach are obvious: subjectivity, limited view, inaccuracy.

    To accurately tell decision makers the difference between what’s on paper and the real state, Process Mining solutions step onto the scene. They take all the relevant data from the company’s IT systems' event logs to map and analyze the processes as they really happen.

    Resulting in an interactive process map and deep analytics, the software brings to the surface each and every bottleneck, delay, inefficiency, rework, deviation, and redundant activity. Based on the results, Process Mining helps managers optimize process flows, which later transforms into cost savings, shorter processing times, higher efficiency, and, all in all, higher revenues and customer satisfaction.

    ...And How It Fits to Robotic Process Automation

    Just after running a thorough analysis and optimization of the processes, based on Process Mining results, the organization is ready to launch and deploy the RPA bots into their infrastructure. However, it doesn’t stop here.

    Once the bots are in use, Process Mining software continues to monitor automated processes, handles exceptions, and uncovers opportunities for further automation. Deploying the bots only means that the tasks are now being automated, but continuous monitoring is necessary in order to make sure that it is all being done well.

    The Perfect Marriage RPA with Process Mining Chart 1
    Source: SSON Analytics

    As the chart above illustrates, almost 40% of the organizations are already using Process Mining as part of their operations, which is imperative for any RPA initiative. Process Mining is moving beyond a technology hype and into an everyday tool, sought after by enterprises globally.

    According to SSON’s sister network, the PEX network, there is increasing interest in Process Mining, with almost 70% of the respondents ready to use the software within the next 6-18 months.

    The Perfect Marriage RPA with Process Mining Chart 2
    Source: SSON Analytics

    So, you set a goal for your company that 2020 will be the year of Robotic Process Automation in your company? That is great news!

    Let us guide you in identifying the best processes for such automation.


    Process Mining Trends in 2020

    Download the guide to understand where Process Mining is now, and see where it's headed next.

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