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Why supply chain managers should embrace Process Intelligence

Supply Chaing Management Process Mining

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Companies are investing millions of dollars into their supply chain infrastructures and processes. But even automated processes systems and technologies have their limits. 

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    At some point, the technology stops and manual labour starts. Even so, cutting-edge new technologies can enable supply chain managers to optimise the entire end-to-end process including the manually executed parts, to increase efficiency and speed up the time to delivery.

    The vast majority of companies are using supply chain management systems. However, these systems, by themselves are not enough to extract even higher performance. Many gaps and inefficiencies handled with a manual effort that is prone to human error remain in the process. And due to the standalone nature of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and APS (advanced planning and scheduling) systems, these are not able to provide insight into the end-to-end process.

    Creating Growth by Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

    Today industry leaders use data and technology to bridge the “white space,” the process knowledge gap that exists between various systems, departments and functions and at the edges of processes. They use Process intelligence tools such as Minit to get better at understanding their operations, inventory, supply needs and have complete transparency into the supply chain management process.

    To build on the basic foundation of supply chain management they pool process data from logistics, procurement and even mobile technology and use process intelligence to uncover game-changing process insights that increase the efficiency of core processes in procurement and order management.

    Optimize Supply chain with Process Intelligence

    • Adopt a "just-in-time" approach to inventory
    • Develop a shipping strategy focused on speed of delivery
    • Reduce risk, ensure the security of supply

    Minit leverages the principles of process mining to analyse the digital footprint from various IT systems and provide complete transparency into how processes are happening in real life. Process intelligence software improves processes by automatically visualising real process flows based on data, revealing delays, exceptions and bottlenecks, or where vendors are not meeting their commitments. The software also offers the possibility to proactively reduce and avoid process exceptions and provides up-to-date process KPIs for management.

    This type of analysis is essential for manufacturing organisations because it can reduce inventory costs, identify production bottlenecks, improve on-time delivery, optimise logistics between production sites, distribution centres and end clients, and minimise rework. Additionally, it can help manufacturers adopt a "just-in-time" approach to inventory, to reduce inventory costs by decreasing the need for safety stocks and excessive work-in-process inventories.

    Other uses of Process Intelligence in Manufacturing

    Process intelligence is also being used to identify processes suitable for automation to speed up delivery and reduce cost and to enable business transformation that can spur revenue growth, get products to market faster, and sometimes generate entirely new business models.


    • Review business processes
    • Monitor productivity and enable continuous improvement
    • Minimize downtime, identify production bottlenecks
    • Minimize rework

    Marketing and sales

    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Improve performance of the distribution network
    • Develop and enhance the capabilities of your sales team

    See how Minit helps manufacturers improve processes

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