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Business Alerts

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No more surprises in your processes & Take the right action immediately.

With loads of data and processes, you may miss a vital piece of information that needs your immediate attention.

With Business Alerts, it won't happen.

Minit Business Alerts allow users to receive critical business information in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

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Have you ever missed a critical change in your process and let it go without proper reaction? Simply because you were not aware of it? 

To stay on the path of process excellence, you have to make the right decisions at the right time. 

For that, you need to constantly analyze process data and be aware of any changes that occur unexpectedly. Or you can leave the analysis to the process mining platform and get alerted only if things go sideways.


You need to comply with your operational goals such as:

  • The ratio of delayed or repeated tickets to all the tickets needs to be below 20%
  • Single activity should not take longer than 40 minutes
  • The ratio of invoices paid before approval to all the invoices must be lower than 10%, while you want to be alerted if it's between 5% - 9%

How do you monitor whether you are complying with these rules and when you need to take appropriate action?

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The Business Alerts feature alerts you on important changes which you have set up as conditions. This will allow you to take appropriate & timely action and avert process issues.

A Business Alert is an automated message sent via email. It indicates that a predefined event or condition has occurred and that your action is required.


If you define business alerts based on the Business Rules you want to monitor, you will be notified when your process is not compliant with operational goals.

You can define business rules for your goals as follows:

  • If the ratio of delayed vs repeated tickets is over 20%, severity is an “Error”,
  • If a single activity duration is not within the scope of 40 minutes, severity is an “Error”
  • If the ratio of invoices paid before approval to all the invoices is 6%, severity is a “Warning”, if it's above 10%, severity is an “Error”

Based on those business rules, you can create a single business alert to get notified only if things go sideways.

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Business Alerts functionality alerts you on important changes in KPIs/Business Rules that you have already specified in Minit Analyst.

You can set up a business alert in the process context.

For a business alert to run smoothly, you just need to define:

  • Conditions
    These include severities you want to track, language, mining attribute, Business Rules(s) you want to monitor

  • Evaluation frequency
    How often should the business alert be evaluated? Do the evaluation criteria apply to a specific view or the whole process?

  • Communication channel
    Define the subject and custom message for each business alert, plus specify recipients of the message
Minit Business Alerts – Application


Automating the monitoring of critical process changes will remove inconsistencies and the possibility of being overlooked.

Minit will immediately recognize and extract critical data changes to notify the relevant person or department.

Thus, you can make decisions faster and avert serious process issues. 

Pro Tip: Want to learn about Business Rules to better set up Business Alerts? More about Business Rules 

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With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

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