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Business Rules


Easily check how your process is complying with the pre-set rules. Score process performance & stay alerted to learn if your operational KPIs and standards are met.

Conformance checking is a critical part of every business. As an operations manager, process owner, or a business analyst, you are responsible for meeting your company KPIs and process standards.  

Minit Business Rules feature helps you keep control and immediately intervene whenever the predefined process rules are violated 


To make high-level operational decisions and react to compliance issues, you need to see how process activities are running compared to the pre-defined rules or conditions 

Let’s say you have a warehouse and as a process owner, you need to comply with your operational goals, which are:  

  • The ratio of delayed or repeated tickets to all the tickets needs to be below 20% 
  • Single activity should not take longer than 40 minutes 
  • The ratio of invoices paid before approval to all the invoices must be lower than 10%, while you want to be alerted if it's between 5% - 9%. 

How do you know, at first glance, whether you are complying with these rules or not?  



Business Rules functionality helps you distinguish where you’ve been missing the target, where you should pay more attention, and which process is performing according to the rules 

It enables you to create your own list of severities and immediately see where you stand and whether you need to take some further action to keep the performance within pre-set KPIs and process standards.   

The stages of business rules alerts are divided into 3 groups, based on severity 

  • “Error” – the activity performance is off the pre-defined standards/KPIs 
  • “Warning" – the activity performance is within the limits but you should pay attention to it, stay alerted and proactively start looking into potential issues 
  • "OK” - the activity performance is within the pre-defined standards/KPIs  

If you define Business Rules in the Minit solution based on the KPIs in the Challenge part, you can spot the deviations right away in the process map or the statistics view:  

  • If the ratio of delayed vs repeated tickets is over 20%, you’ll see an “Error” icon 
  • If a single activity duration is within the scope of 40 minutes, you’ll see an “OK” icon  
  • If the ratio of invoices paid before approval to all the invoice is 6%, you'll see a “Warning” icon, if it's above 10%, you'll see “Error”  

Pro Tip: Don't limit your process analysis with pre-defined functions. More about Custom Metrics



You can create your own Business Rules for cases, edges, events, and processes. The compliance checking based on the Business Rules is defined in Process context, applied in all process views 

The process map view displays all the pre-set Business Rules with an icon informing you about the adherence to the rules. In the statistics panel, you can see overall list of business rules or see detailed results per single business rule (for rules defined on Events and Edges).   

Pro Tip: Analyze the process map on various levels by drilling down or zooming out as needed. More about Hierarchical Process Mining



Business Rules functionality, you’ll be able to evaluate potential process compliance violations at a glance.

Immediately spotting errors and warnings will provide you with the right insights to make data-driven decisions and react to undesired incidents in your operations faster.


With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

Works with any system and data source

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