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We’re constantly looking for new colleagues to join our growing team of passionate experts. See the currently open positions below, and let us know about you!

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Why work with us

  • Competitive salary, remote work, and flexible hours go without saying. 
  • Process Mining is one of the fastest-growing industries with great potential.
  • In your work, you have autonomy and responsibility to make decisions and directly impact results.
  • We make sure you have a satisfying job and a great time at work.
  • Exciting challenges every day with lots of opportunities to learn and develop both personally and professionally.
  • A strong culture revolving around our customers, growth, straight talk, and making things happen.
  • Share Option Plan: You will own part of Minit.

We are on a mission to create a world where every process is easily and automatically analyzed and improved. Our solution is for everyone who is eager to understand their processes, empowering them to make data-driven decisions from day one.

Most of all, we value your work. We favor challenge and growth. And you will make impact.

Our Offices

We're a tech scale-up based out of Europe. Depending on the position, you can work from one of our offices or remotely.



Prins Bernhardplein 200



Kosicka 56
821 08
Slovak Republic



Thomas House 84
Eccleston Square
London SW1V 1PX
United Kingdom


New York

104 West 40th Street
New York City
New York, USA