Global Chemical Manufacturer Saves $1.2M by Optimizing Order to Cash (OTC)

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  • 50+
    Facilities globally
  • $18b
    Annual revenue
  • 35k

The effectiveness by which an organization is able to convert a product or service into money is the holy grail of success. Sales mean nothing without money in the bank.

A sluggish or complicated OTC process can result in lost revenue, lost customers, reputation damage, and even compliance issues.

Minit Process Moning was applied to a global company with more than $18 billion in annual revenue to help improve the end-to-end OTC cycle. By eliminating sales order changes, streamlining payments collections and identifying the hidden potential of standardization, our client was able to realize $1.2 million in savings.

Data Analysis Focus

  • Baseline information, case duration influencers
  • Impact of changes on the case duration, delivery, overview per customer, sales group, material group
  • Credit management activities and impact on processes (case duration, delivery, customer, sales group, material group)
  • Unusual cases: delivery before order

Return On Investment

  • Transactional costs minimized due to elimination of Sales Order changes; annual savings ~$390K
  • Hidden potential standardization unlocked and results; annual savings ~$325K
  • Opportunities for Payment Collections streamlining defined; annual savings ~$350K; potential savings ~$490K
  • Lowering the risk of
    Operational issues
    due to 100% process transparency and Compliance; annual savings ~$2K

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