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Custom Metrics


Tailor the metrics of your process analysis. Don't limit your process analysis with predefined functions.

Create, edit, and customize the metrics over the process data to produce meaningful and unique insights, resulting in a complex, yet detailed process analysis.


No two companies are identical and thus it’s not always possible to conduct deep process analysis with predefined “one-size-fits-all” metrics.  

How do you find exact results, root causes, statistical data or flaws that are specific for your company and process?

Pro Tip: Did you know you can flag process performance based on pre-set rules and standards? More about Business Rules



If you are familiar with Excel, you are also familiar with creating customized metrics. Using similar syntax and functions, you can build tailored statistics and functions within the Minit Process Mining solution without cumbersome coding.

The editor provides formula validation, automatic data type detection, as well as Syntax Highlight and IntelliPrompt.



Custom Metrics allows you to apply various mathematical, DateTime, string, or other functions in a formula editor. They can be assigned to both edges and activities, and you can apply the syntax in the Statistics view and within the process filters, too.


Process map visualization also accommodates the view to the selected metrics based on the context and datatype and shows the calculated values. You can switch among multiple metrics and immediately see the changes in process map visualization.

Pro Tip: Analyze the process map on various levels by drilling down or zooming out as needed. More about Hierarchical Process Mining



Custom Metrics feature gives you a powerful tool at hand to comprehensively and thoroughly analyze processes, while also controlling the outcomes, thanks to better understanding the specific conditions within your company.


With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

Works with any system and data source

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