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Minit Dashboards


Turn complex data into strong arguments with the most powerful dashboards.

Visualize the key findings from your process analysis and control the progress of process change initiatives. Improve and accelerate reactions to the developments in your company as they arise.

Minit Dashboards, powered by Analytics by Qlik, provide value to all the levels of the company, driving you towards better process understanding, more informed decisions, uncovering difficult-to-spot errors, as well as relationships within complex data sets.



To meet the desired KPIs, you must choose the right process improvement initiative. To choose the right initiative, you need insights.  

Process improvement is not only about data, it’s about identifying issues and understanding reality.

Even for skilled experts, sometimes the links and relationships – the true reality - might not be obvious at first, due to the complexity of data sets.



Minit Dashboards allow you to publish and access the results of the process analysis and monitor the actual state online. You can create interactive dashboards with built-in drill-down capabilities, including process map and variants, or even compare multiple processes to demonstrate the before/after situation.



Minit Dashboards functionality is powered by the top computational engine created by Qlik, a leading business intelligence company. Dashboards provide multiple options for working with the data gathered in the Minit Analyst and sharing it with others in the company.


Visualizations: comprehensively display easy-to-understand depictions of any process by combining graphs, charts, statistics, process variants, and the process map itself.


Selections: when focusing on a specific issue or trying to find the root cause of inefficiencies, just select what interests you and Dashboards will behave accordingly.

Presentations: no more backup or static slides – just drill down into the currently open slide and use all the power of interaction to answer all the ad-hoc stakeholders' questions.

Interactivity: immediately access live analysis to answer follow-up questions that arise in discussions.


Storytelling: combine analytics and visual commentary to provide A-to-Z explanation of your findings, as well as a timeline of the slides presenting insights and ideas;


Qlik's Cognitive engine: employ augmented intelligence-powered and context-aware suggestions to easily create and enhance your dashboards; the Insights functionality learns from your actions and data, while also understanding your questions.

Responsive: easily use and create Dashboards on any device with a friendly drag & drop method.



With Minit Dashboards, your enhanced process control comes on multiple business levels, from strategic, to tactical to operational, with the option to cover all the monthly, weekly, as well as daily reporting.


See all the alerts, as well as KPIs and expected goals visualized in combination with the reality at first glance, without the need to deep dive into analysis.


Tactical controlling provides visibility into progress towards defined results by monitoring KPIs, while also supporting stakeholders in their decision-making.


The operational level gives you the opportunity to emphasize important process elements and create convincing data stories and insights you want the audience to focus on.


With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

Works with any system and data source

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