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Reduce Process Waste in Digital Transformation

70% of digital transformations fail. Learn how to make your organization an exception from the rule.


James Dening
Partner, Minit

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James Dening Reduce Process Waste

Focus on understanding the data and reducing process waste. That's how you can walk the digital transformation journey to a successful end. 

In the age of digital transformation, businesses put a lot of attention into systems but often the prerequisite – understanding the data – is forgotten.

With the amount of process data you have at your disposal today, the best way to run the transformation is with insights from process mining.

It helps you understand your processes, reduce the waste and improve them using the power of data from your IT systems.


Watch James Dening's presentation at the Digital Transformation in Insurance conference in London, and learn:

  • What makes winners in the ever-changing world

  • How Process Mining – and Minit - helps businesses reduce process waste

  • How you can improve your digital transformation efforts to make it a success

PEAK Matrix® for
Process Mining 2021

  • Everest Group published Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021
  • Minit has been recognized as a Leader and Star Performer
  • "Clients have found Minit's product to be intuitive and have highlighted its proactive support and flexibility as some of the key strengths."
    Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group
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