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Discover New Possibilities With Power of Process Mining & Task Mining

Rasto Hlavac, Chief Strategy Officer

Rasto Hlavac
Chief Strategy Officer, Founder

Together with Dr. Bernhard Schaffrik, Principal Analyst Serving CIO Professionals at Forrester, and Sateesh Seetharamiah, VP and Global Product Head for AssistEdge at EdgeVerve

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Discover New Possibilities with the Power of Process Discovery and Mining Webinar

How can Process Discovery (also known as Task Mining) and Process Mining help your business? 

In the post-COVID-19 world, most companies have adopted a hybrid model with a majority of their employees working from home. This might seem like a simple shift, but from the eyes of a process excellence leader, this might change everything.

New ways of working demand evolved processes that suit the needs of the new normal. And this opens a plethora of opportunities for continuous improvement professionals to optimize business processes and gain higher efficiencies.

To achieve this, there is a need to access deep process insights with the powerful combination of Process Discovery and Mining.

Key takeaways

  • What are the latest industry trends redefining process excellence
  • How should enterprises leverage the power of Process Discovery and Mining to ace continuous process Improvement
  • How enterprises can benefit from Process Discovery and Mining to be resilient in the new normal

PEAK Matrix® for
Process Mining 2021

  • Everest Group published Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021
  • Minit has been recognized as a Leader and Star Performer
  • "Clients have found Minit's product to be intuitive and have highlighted its proactive support and flexibility as some of the key strengths."Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group
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