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5 Ways to Streamline Process Improvement with Process Mining

How to improve an improvement process?

Business process improvement is built upon optimized sub-processes and process steps. Process visualization and end-to-end monitoring are necessary to detect potential or existing issues. Yet, this is just the beginning.

In this session, you’ll learn about the differences between symptoms and causes of process inefficiencies.

We’ll also guide you to the right optimization path:

  • Visualize process hygiene with Minit and get deep insights into the processes 
  • Identify specific points of errors in payment process
  • Detect root causes and drive process improvement within financial services operations
  • Uncover hidden potential for improvement of your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process 
  • Monitor the status of business rules and minimize process inefficiencies 

The business process improvement process is often inefficient. In this practical webinar, we’ll take a look at why it is like that, what are the most common problems and how to address them.

Together, we’ll also review a typical P2P use case to illustrate the point.

5 Way to streamline processes with Process Mining1

Take a look at our session from OPEX in Financial Services 2020. You'll find out:

  • How Process Mining fits into different stages of Lean Six Sigma's DMAIC methodology,
  • What tools Process Mining technology employs compared to those used within DMAIC,
  • Where do Process Mining and DMAIC intertwine with each other,
  • How the mixture of these two approaches will support company's operational excellence, 
  • What is Process Simulation and how it can improve your process optimization initiatives, and much more.  


Presented by

Jana Gregusova, Process Consulting Leader

Jana is an expert in leading organizations to optimal performance through the adoption of efficient and effective processes by using data. She is passionate about helping companies implement Operational Excellence and providing clients the insights and assistance needed to establish best practices that build high-performing companies.

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