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Process Management Red Flags Guide

15 red flags that indicate your business processes need work

Are your business processes up to par? When have you last checked their health? Are you confident that your current processes can help your organization sustain growth, and support your company in achieving its business goals, say, two years from now? 

There is a wide range of factors that may have rendered your business processes either partially or completely obsolete. These factors could be rooted in macroeconomic events, significant changes in technology, or societal trends. Here are fifteen potential red flags that indicate you should evaluate whether one of your most important leadership tools needs mending.


With this Process Management Red Flags Guide, you'll be able to:

  • Make sure changes in the marketplace have not turned your processes obsolete
  • Learn to identify the 15 signs of inefficiencies in your business processes 
  • Conduct a quick top-level check of the fitness of your business processes
  • Make sure your organization is ready to respond to challenges on the market

About the Author:
Michal Rosik - Chief Product Officer

Minit’s CPO Michal Rosik has a passion for understanding how processes happen in reality and for uncovering issues that obstruct peak performance. He is an expert in helping companies worldwide extract value from their data, improve business performance and eliminate inefficiency from their operations by optimizing their business processes.

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