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BPR Guide:
Business Process Reengineering as a Way Out of Crisis

Download our free guide on Business Process Reengineering (BPR), which includes real-life examples, as well as 7 steps to a successful implementation.

Jana Gregusova, Process Consulting Leader

Jana Gregusova
Process Consulting Leader

Business Process Reengineering as a Way Out of Crisis

Cut operational costs, and start redesigning your company processes anew.

As a Harvard Business Review study of 4,700 public companies suggests, one of the critical components of making it through a crisis is operational efficiency. Yet, you need to know which costs to cut and how to organize your processes anew.   

That's why Business Process Reengineering is a necessary step towards operational efficiency.     

This guide offers a more in-depth look, as well as examples, into the steps companies should take to lead successful BPR initiatives.

Thanks to the guide, you'll learn:

  • What is BPR,  
  • The role of Process Mining in BPR,  
  • Examples of how companies approached BPR in the past,  
  • 7 steps to getting BPR right,   
  • How Process Simulation can enhance your BPR initiative.  


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