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Hierarchical Process Mining


A completely new dimension in process map interpretation & simplification without losing any detail, based on our unique patent-pending technology.

See which process activities are executed on which level of the company structure, website structure, running systems and applications, or any other activity levels.

Get aggregated data and the process map adjusted to the level you are focused on. Drill down deeper or zoom out, if needed.


Complex processes run within the company through multiple business units, which are responsible for handling parts of the process. In a common process view, it’s difficult to understand how the process flows from one department to another, which team is responsible for a particular action, and how the flow continues within the same business unit or outside of it.



Use hierarchical map to get a visualization of the process and aggregated data based on company structure level, e.g. by subsidiary, division, sub-division, department, team, etc.



You can immediately see the aggregated data for each unit and switch among frequency, performance, rework or finance view, to quickly understand how the workload, duration, costs and other attributes of the process is distributed among the units.


By that, you know where to focus and most important – what managerial level (VP, director, team lead, or other) talk to in your organization in order to apply process improvement, be it automation, resource re-allocation or any other necessary actions.



Once you apply the changes, see the process improvements and measure how they contributed to higher efficiency (saves time, reallocation resources, decreases costs) of the business units. On top of that, continuously run checks on various levels to be sure everything is performing as desired.

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With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

Works with any system and data source

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