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How to run successful Process Mining Workshops

Overcome the Uncooperative Stakeholder Syndrome 

The results garnered from Process Mining Workshops often inform strategic plans and alter the operations of the organization. They are an essential part of Process Mining, necessary to increase transparency between groups, and exchange knowledge between people who understand the business processes and the team doing the analysis. However, establishing rapport with the various participating teams can be often complicated by many interpersonal factors and even skepticism about the initiative.

Following best practices gathered in this e-Book will prevent your Process Mining initiative from getting sabotaged by the wrong approach. Download it now to ensure your workshops always deliver required insights.


With this e-Book, you'll be able to:

  • Adopt the right mindset, pre-sell your ideas and make sure everyone has a voice
  • Ensure exchange of knowledge, be transparent in your communication, and learn to proactively address conflict 
  • Understand how you need to structure the meetings to have the least impact on SMEs and Groups
  • Learn how to prepare for facilitation

About the Author:
Jana Gregusova - Process Consulting Leader

Jana is an expert in leading organizations to optimal performance through the adoption of efficient and effective processes by using data. She is passionate about helping companies implement Operational Excellence and providing clients the insights and assistance needed to establish best practices that build high-performing companies. 

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