Process Intelligence for Banks

Minit provides insights that help managers make informed decisions, boost business performance and cut unnecessary costs.

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Intelligence for more wow, less cost

Minit is everything in one package: in-depth process analysis, performance measuring, and insights for improvement. Lower the costs and increase efficiency in your operations.

  • Capture new revenue

    Analyze end-to-end sales process to improve conversion ratios, supercharge advisor productivity, and discover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  • Improve efficiency

    Minit provides insights for speeding up and improving the performance of complex banking processes by highlighting process deviations & bottlenecks.

  • Optimize expenses

    Reduce operational costs and time to corrective actions. Minit supports effective change management through fast verification and follow-up of process changes.

  • Reinvent loyalty

    Compare and benchmark performance across different departments, divisions and branches to deliver experiences that wow customers and cultivate loyalty.

Better decisions through process transparency

Actionable insights into complex processes help managers reimagine their internal operations and business strategies, optimize Go-To-Market strategies, determine required capabilities, and develop a plan to build a portfolio and seize market opportunities.

Optimize expense structure and control costs

When cutting costs, it’s tempting to reduce all department budgets by the same
percent, which is one of the bigger mistakes a firm can make. Conformance and performance analysis will show you immediate money on the table (value leakage). Trim expenses that don’t differentiate the business and invest in capabilities that do. Financial Analysis in Minit facilitates tracking the money flow within processes and helps determine where to increase expenses when it helps compete and decrease it where it doesn’t.

Monitor real performance and compare versus benchmarks

Determine if performance is aligned with appropriate benchmarks. Quantify
improvement by comparing performance between regions, branches, departments, teams or time periods. Uncover best-performing processes to learn from. Minit can even help you measure changes in employee behavior and how are target behaviors embedded through performance goals and rewards.

Identify sources of savings and additional revenue

Speed up invoicing to improve cash flow by discovering and removing process bottlenecks. Prevent inefficiencies and get rid of process steps that are taking up the time to maximize team productivity and see immediate cost savings and revenue growth.

Auditing, Compliance, Fraud prevention

Auditing of executed processes will identify fraudulent and abusive behavior that may lead to serious problems. Minit can analyze complex processes from pooled data, strengthening your risk management environment, and implementing controls more effectively.

Brochure: Actionable Insights for Your Business

Benefits of optimizing a Mortgage Process

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster process flow

  • Minimized repetitive steps and rework

  • Improved communication flow between branches & HQ

  • Increased manager capacity thanks to improved reporting

  • Cost reduction due to optimized process flow

  • Improved methodology

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