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Reduce Process Waste
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Process Mining plays a key role in an organization's digital transformation journey. It will help you understand the process reality, accelerate improvements and reduce waste.

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Digital Transformation & Process Mining

70% of Digital Transformations fail, McKinsey reports. An understanding of real processes is the key to running a winning initiative. Process Mining provides that.

Understand, Improve, and Drive New Value

Process Mining helps you adapt quickly. Continuously analyze data and develop insights that drive process improvements fast.

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Connect Disconnected Initiatives

Minit facilitates transparency and provides insights that support process optimization. This helps instill agility into all aspects of business operations.

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Using Robotic Automation

Robotic Process Automation is accelerating Digital Transformation, allowing organizations to optimize their existing processes.

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About Minit

Minit, a recognized leader in Process Mining, enables organizations to obtain greater insights into their processes. Clients use Minit to uncover opportunities for higher operational efficiency and hidden risks of non-compliance.

Minit has created a solution that is designed to meet the stringent security and data integrity requirements of Financial Institutions and Insurers. It enables the process experts and business stakeholders to understand their processes and implement data-driven improvements from day one, all within a secure sandbox environment.

In the insurance and financial services industry, Minit enables clients to drive higher levels of compliance and improved efficiency, especially in the claims management division. A process-first view of operations helps identify problems, simulate viable solutions, and identify high-return automation opportunities.

In 2022 Microsoft acquired Minit to strengthen process capabilities for its customers. This will bring further unparalleled opportunities to drive digital transformation and operational excellence.

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