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Logistics Company saves €466K by Reducing Case Duration by 3 Hours


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to mimic the actions of humans within IT systems. These virtual robots can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars and shift employees' focus on innovation.

The decision to automate a process should not be driven by frustration. The most cumbersome task doesn’t necessarily qualify for RPA. If human judgment is involved, the task cannot be automated.

This rule, however, is a safeguard against those who fear the encroachment of robots on jobs. Contrary to popular belief, introducing robots into rule-based processes increases the value of FTEs. Employee focus is shifted towards value-add, empathy-driven tasks, while mundane, time-consuming — albeit indispensable — ones are carried out by bots.

Minit Process Mining supports clients in pursuit of process automation. Logistics is a highly process-driven industry for reasons including regulation, safety, and profitability. By following the data, we helped a client automate a key process and save €466,000 over a 5 month period.

Data Analysis Focus

  • Baseline process information, resource cost overview
  • Activity characteristics suitable for RPA: rule-based, standardized with few exceptions, structured data
  • RPA recorder
  • Invoice approval with bot analysis
  • Annual revenue $150M
  • Employees 900+

Return On Investment

  • 3 hour reduction in mean case duration
    Mean case duration before RPA > 2d 8h 32m / after RPA < 2d 5h 41m; 5 months savings ~€466K

Process Mining terminology explained.

Process Mining


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