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Eliminate Rework
with Minit 4.5

See the Rework Detector in action
in a webinar and product demo


Get empowered to:

  • Use the most advanced rework functionality on the market to improve your business performance
  • Drive operational excellence by identifying and reducing process repetitions in complex unstructured data
  • Expedite product delivery to customers by removing pointless process rework
  • Improve customer satisfaction by simplifying and standardizing after-sales support processes
  • Speed up your Order to Cash cycle by 
    removing non-value added processes
  • Cut operational costs and improve KPIs by streamlining critical business processes
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  • #Rework
  • #ProcessExcellence
  • #ProcessMining

Watch the webinar:

Webinar Speakers

  • michal-rosik@2x Michal Rosik CPO and Product Visionary, Minit
  • richard-lipovsky@2x Richard Lipovsky CMO and Head of Professional Services, Minit