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Business Process Analysis


Business Process Analysis with Minit means getting much more than a static model of your current process or a theoretical concept about how it should look in the future. It’s about getting 100% accurate picture of how people and systems are performing their tasks and getting actionable insights to align the process with your strategic goals.

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Get oriented

Take a look at the big picture. Don’t jump into the analysis asking, “How's the process doing?” Start with a specific business goal you need to achieve or a question you need to answer or investigate.

Ours is a world where people don’t know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it.”

Don Marquis Journalist, novelist & poet

Identify Stakeholders and Experts

Determine the primary stakeholders to engage in defining the project’s business objectives and scope, as well as any subject matter experts, to be consulted early in the project. Our Stakeholder Mapping Worksheet will help you keep track of roles and responsibilities.

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Draft Your Goals

Keep your strategic business goals in mind. Regardless of the reasoning for your project - BPM, Automation or some other initiative, it is just a means to your actual objective. Which is, for example, increasing the efficiency of production or converting more customers. These project goals will translate into your research questions. Our Project Vision Worksheet will help you capture your goals.

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Understand Project Background and History

Learn about and understand the project history so that you don’t inadvertently repeat work that’s already been done or rehash previously made decisions.


Planning Makes Perfect

Collect existing information and uncover everything that you don’t know. Compile the information you need to be successful and effective in the context of this particular project. It will help you move more quickly later on.

Identify the processes

Inventory Processes and Documentation

Identify information systems that are supporting the execution of the business processes. Take stock of the existing information and documentation about them. Identify documentation that is outdated and learn reasons why changes were made. The result should be a reasonably clear picture of the current state that needs to change. Use the Process Documentation Inventory Worksheet to do this.

Download the Process Documentation Inventory Worksheet


Why use Minit Process Mining

The traditional method of Business Process Analysis relies on subjective information gathered through workshops and interviews. Minit Process Mining delivers objective insights based on accurate data.

The Old Approach to Process Analysis

Analysis of a business process by conducting interviews and workshops is time-consuming and expensive. It’s biased by the participants’ subjective views, leaving variants and exceptions overlooked. Many issues can’t be uncovered at all because people are not aware that they exist. Process Mining overcomes these issues. It captures the reality of the process and provides you with objective insights.

The Difference with Minit Process Mining

Minit uses event logs that the IT systems generate whenever people and machines perform tasks. From this data, it automatically maps and visualizes how the process happens. Our software gives you complete transparency, reveals vulnerabilities and risks and helps you identify specific ways to improve business performance.

One software for every process, every company

Minit Process Mining works for every company and every process. From mid-sized companies to large enterprises in any industry, Minit can analyze and increase the efficiency of any process.


Who Will Make It Happen?

Decide between hiring consultants familiar with using Minit versus your in-house team who knows you.

Work with Your In-House Team

If you have a Business Analyst, Innovation or Process Excellence experts in-house, our Academy is here to show them how to use Minit to analyze business processes. We proudly partner with every client at each stage of their Process Mining journey and are happy to join your team in the initial POC.

Go with one of our Partners

We can match you with a certified partner who has experience using Minit Process Mining. Make sure to have your goals worksheet handy when you speak with them.


Get your data ready

Determine the scope

It might sound intimidating, but this is just deciding what information will be needed for the analysis. Such as the what time period will be analyzed, and which attributes included – one attribute is for example who on your team is performing the task, another which supplier is involved. Determine which data you’ll need to extract based on your project goals. Example of scoping aspects: granularity, time period, attributes, correlations, …

Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Albert Einstein Theoretical Physicist

Share the process knowledge

Take some time to exchange knowledge between people who understand the business processes and the team doing the analysis. Organize a workshop with relevant experts from the business side and the analysts to help them understand your goals, the business process, and its attributes, and be effective in the data processing and process mining stages.

Prepare your data

Next, the analysts will extract the data and create the event logs - different views of the obtained data. They will preprocess the data (add external data into the log or compute additional events) to make them optimal for the process mining and analysis stage.


Process Mining

Begin analyzing your business process

Import the data and the magic will start to happen. Minit will create a fact-based map of the process with performance statistics and metrics. It will highlight bottlenecks and show you unwanted deviations from the prescribed flow. Dive in, to see what pops out to you and collect your questions.

Interactive Analysis & Refinement Workshops

Invite the Business Process Owner and Stakeholders to an interactive workshop where you share your preliminary findings and discuss the "as-is" process as you look at the data in Minit. This is the opportunity to verify your hypothesis, clarify the open questions and validate your findings. Afterward, analysts can perform the advanced process analysis and uncover improvement points.

Uncover improvement points

Focus on finding opportunities for improvement. Interactions with customers must always be perfect so look for ways to streamline, speed up or increase their quality. Focus on activities that add high perceived value. Find out why the process stops flowing at certain points and look for ways to eliminate these bottlenecks. Make sure to align the future process with your strategic goals.

Create the model of the To-Be process

Gather all the information from your analysis and model the new process the way you want it to be and align it with your objectives. Prepare your To-Be process model and the necessary documentation.

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