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Translate Process Mining Findings Into Real Life Benefits

Take a look at how Telus, a Canadian telco operator, transforms findings from their process mining intiative into tangible improvements. James Dening talked to Rudina Holmqvist during PEX Live Process Mining event.

Rudina Holmqvist

Rudina Holmqvist
Sr. Process Improvement Consultant, Telus


James Dening
CEO, Minit

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Telus Minit PEX Session

Finding process issues is not enough. It doesn't move the needle. The important part is addressing the findings.  

Process mining is often presented as a silver bullet for an efficient organization. The challenge, however, is that finding the issues in processes is not enough. The next step is to prioritize these findings and implement real-life improvements.

This responsibility – to realize the value in practice – lies on the shoulders of multiple stakeholders. As Rudina Holmqvist from Telus (one of the largest Canadian telco operators) confirms, once the stakeholders see what process mining can do, they get on board.

"We’ve done presentations to some to the stakeholders in some key business areas of the process that we’re touching. And the first reaction we usually get is 'the wow' factor. It’s like: 'How are you able to to pull this together?' This was never done before. They really see the power of process mining," she says.

In the session, Rudina and James discuss how Telus is translating process mining findings into tangible process improvement opportunities, including:

  • What did Telus do to get tangible, actionable findings from their data?

  • What benefits have they reaped from the process mining efforts so far?

  • How do they build the improvement pipeline?

  • What challenges and obstacles are they overcoming along the way?, and much more.


  • Introduction
  • Findings in the order-to-activation process
  • What surprised you most?
  • Presenting findings to the stakeholders
  • Prioritizing improvements and creating the pipeline
  • Biggest obstacles in improvement implementations
  • What is the role of the process mining vendors?
  • The process mining project team
  • Are there limits to how business can use process mining?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • How difficult was it to get the initiative up & running?
  • Evaluating readiness of a business to use process mining
  • Closing remarks

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