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NelsonHall NEAT Vendor Evaluation for Minit

Learn why NelsonHall has recognized Minit as a Leader in its NEAT Vendor Evaluation for Process Discovery & Mining in the Process Mining Focus market segment.

NelsonHall Minit Leader Report

“Minit Process Mining offers a solution for end-to-end process understanding with an easy-to-use and intuitive UI that democratize its capabilities to non-technical users, especially for building data models. Its Hierarchical Process Mining provides added value by allowing multiple layers of abstraction, enabling clients to understand their business processes at the right level of detail for them.”

– Bailey Kong, NelsonHall Research Analyst 

What Is NEAT Vendor Evaluation by NelsonHall?

The NEAT tool allows strategic sourcing managers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best-performing vendors overall.

NelsonHall is a global analyst firm that helps IT and business services buyers understand and evaluate the best vendors for their organizations based on deep, rigorous, and original research and hard data. 

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