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Why Process Mining Is Starting Point for Transformation

How has the pandemic accelerated adoption of process mining? Where is the industry headed? Why should process mining be the cornerstone of digital transformation?

Learn in the latest report by PEX Network.

PEX Process Mining 2022

“I see process mining as the searchlight that tells you how well a process is working and what you can do to improve automation attempts or to reduce cost.” 

– James Dening, CEO at Minit 

Why Process Mining Is Starting Point for Transformation

Latest PEX Network report evaluates why and how the pandemic has accelerated process mining adoption, before detailing the ways in which the technology can be integrated with intelligent automation (IA) to boost transformation efforts.

Featuring various experts, including Minit's CEO James Dening, the report also dives into the key trends impacting process mining adoption and its implementation over the next 12 months.

You'll find the following chapters in the report:

  • How the pandemic led to increased investment in process mining solutions
  • ‘What-if analysis’ in action
  • Integrating process mining with other technologies to boost transformation efforts
  • Top 2022 process mining trends

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