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Process Compare


Visualize, compare, and analyze performance of a process & its various real-life or simulated versions, as well as its BPMN model .

The Process Compare feature helps you discover 

  • the distinctions between two processes in different regions/premises/time periods,  
  • how your real-life process complies with the blueprint/BPMN model, 
  • whether the actual process is running according to the pre-defined rules/workflows,  
  • what the simulated processes after potential optimization changes look like,  
  • how does your daily process performance differ from the external regulations, and much more. 

Pro Tip: Did you know you can flag process performance based on pre-set rules and standards? More about Business Rules


Two theoretically same processes are never the same in reality 

In a corporation operating in various regions with many sites, employees perform several different processes every day. And even though the company has the processes standardized, it's not uncommon that each country or site adjusts the process based on its own best practices, traditions, different business opportunities, approaches to suppliers and customers, or legal requirements/regulations. 

How can you thoroughly examine these contrastsvisualize the differences, and take appropriate action?  



Process Compare helps you inspect different modifications of a process based on different regions, countries, departments, as well as different views generated from a single process based on two time periods.


You will also gain transparency to compare your real-life process with blueprints or BPMN models to monitor potential compliance issues and either adjust the process performance or redesign the model.



The visualization allows you to identify differences in the flow of a process or on the activities and edges level, and: 

  • compare the models, metrics, and statistics, 
  • visually differentiate between activities/edges that have been executed in both models,  
  • analyze activities only performed in one or the other process,  
  • project future optimized performance by comparing the actual process with its simulation. 

Process Compare numerically and graphically displays the differences in frequency, performance, and finance metrics, but also numerical differences in attribute values of two processes.  

Pro Tip: Inspect processes based on the company hierarchy such as subsidiary, division, sub-division, department, or team. More about Hierarchical Process Mining



Minit Process Compare functionality provides an intuitive and efficient comparison of processes, enabling you to: 

  • continuously improve performance, thanks to comparing processes before/after optimization, 
  • improve efficiency by pinpointing the best performers among various process modifications, 
  • check compliance in detail by comparing real-life processes with blueprints/BPMN models, 
  • tangibly see future adjustments through a comparison of the actual and the simulated process.

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Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

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