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5 Common Myths About Process Mining Busted (With Ease)

Let's expose the most common "urban legends" about process mining through a series of use cases.

Michal Rosik, CPO

Michal Rosik
Chief Product Officer

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Process Mining Myths Busted

With new technologies, new myths arise.

Process mining is no exception.

Although it has already proved to be an efficient tool delivering strong value, its mass adoption among businesses has made these superstitions even more complex.

In this session, we'll expose the most common "urban legends" about process mining through a series of use cases.

Take a look at our session from PEX Live: Process Mining 2021, and learn:

  • Why myths are so appealing to us
  • What are the most common misconceptions about process mining and how to detect them
  • How to improve process mining ROI by gaining a clear understanding of where it delivers the highest value
  • Why some process mining use cases fail and how to avoid such scenarios
  • Results from process mining real-life case studies aimed at PO2PR analysis and customer journey


  • Introduction
  • Process Mining Mythology
  • What is a myth?
  • Myths in the business world
  • Why are myths so appealing?
  • Myth #1: One Mining to Rule Them All
  • Case Study: Focused PO2PR Analysis
  • Myth #2: It's Plug & Play, Isn't It?
  • Myth #3: Eco, Bio, Sustainable
  • Myth #4: We Know WHAT, but WHY?
  • Case Study: Customer Journey
  • Myth #5: ROI Is the Guy with Moustache
  • Summary
  • Q&A

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