Optimize operations without risk and see the impact of changes applied to processes before going live.

Employ Minit Process Simulation on your existing processes to find out how changing process variables changes the overall results. Once the simulation confirms that the assumed change delivers the desired outcomes, you’ll know how to optimize the process.

No need to guess anymore, now you can:

  1. Test your process optimization hypothesis
  2. See impacts of overall process performance
  3. Understand change consequences beforehand


Pro Tip: Score process performance to learn if your operational KPIs and standards are met. More about Business Rules


Optimizing a process is not an easy task. A large amount of variables, input and steps involved affecting each other can lead to an unintentional decrease of overall process performance.

For example: You’ve deployed RPA to speed up a task, but the bottleneck shifted to the next manual task. So, how do you decide which adjustment will return the best results?



Apply Minit Process Simulation on an existing process and custom-set variables affecting it, such as resources dedicated to a task, manhour rate, working hours and days, distribution of process starts, task duration, and others. Immediately see how changing the variables translates into the process performance, map, and statistics.


Watch Minit’s Process Simulation webinar and learn how to optimize your processes risk-free. Watch now


Once the simulation confirms that the assumed changes deliver the desired results, you know what changes need to be applied and how to optimize the process. This allows you to make a risk-free decision, based on data, not assumptions.



With Minit Process Simulation, you have an option to save the simulated process, together with its virtual logs for further before-after process comparison. This way you have a benchmark in which to reference real-life changes. Moreover, you can see and edit the new process as a standardized BPMN diagram, adjust the process flow, and simulate the new flow afterwards.

Pro Tip: Compare performance of two existing processes, not only real-life process with a simulation. More about Process Compare

Artboard A
Artboard B

We appreciate the speed and optimization of Minit’s algorithms, for analyzing of large data sets and clear visualization of the process made it easy for client to understand what the issues were.

David Slansky, Partner in Global Data & Analytics Team

Works with any system and data source

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