How process intelligence works?

Minit is a process intelligence software that automatically maps and analyzes the flow of your operations, eliminating time and resource consuming interviews needed for traditional process consulting.

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Why is analyzing processes so difficult?

The traditional method of Process analysis relies on conducting interviews with employees to collect information about a process - a time-consuming and costly approach that suffers from a number of issues.

  • Subjectivity

    Everyone has a subjective picture of the process depending on their role and perspective. Analysts struggle to piece personal views together into an objective picture.

  • Limited view

    There is nobody who performs the complete process. Instead, multiple people, teams, departments, or even companies deliver the end product, or the service, to the customer.

  • Exceptions

    Every process has a number of exceptions. During analysis, these are often overlooked, while at other times they are emphasized too much.

  • Invisibility

    Some issues can't be uncovered during interviews because interviewees don't know about them, such as customer cases that got stuck in the system.

How Minit analyzes data behind your operations

Data Sources

When people and machines perform their jobs, traces of every action remain within the company systems - ERP, CRM, Service Management, BPM, LOB, and more. Minit uses these event logs to automatically discover and document processes. To begin, data analysts extract information from the system and preprocess it. If a process spans across several different systems, logs from these are combined to create a complete picture of your process.

Process Synthesis

Minit takes the event log and automatically pieces together the 'as-is' business process. Process mining algorithms combine events, analyze their chronological order, correlations, frequency, and performance. They reduce the complexity of the data and categorize it in a way that makes it possible to deduce all relevant information. All of this happens within seconds. Even data logs containing billions of events are processed on the fly, with minimal hardware requirements.

Process Analysis

Minit visually demonstrates each process as an interactive map containing all relevant information down to single case level. Highlighting process exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, weaknesses and potential risks in processes. Now you can eliminate problems within the process, find connections, causes, and solutions to improve efficiency and performance.

Process improvement project with Minit

With Minit process intelligence software, it is a matter of days to process data and produce results. The truth is already in your databases, just waiting to be unlocked.

1. Definition of Project Goals

What is the desired result? What is the project focused on - verifying compliance, optimizing expenses, improving customer satisfaction, speeding up the process or something else?

2. Process Identification

On which processes will we focus? Who participates in the process? Which IT systems are used in the process?

3. Data Extraction

Once all data sources (systems used within the process) are identified, check source connectivity and extract log data.

4. Data Preprocessing

Prepare the data - combine data from different sources, create & preprocess the event log and import it into Minit.

5. As-Is Process Model

Minit will automatically create the process maps and analysts will examine the discovered process and perform initial process analysis.

6. Interactive Analysis & Refinement Workshops

In an interactive workshop together with Business Process Owner and Stakeholders, we will clarify the open questions regarding the process. Afterwards, analysts will perform advanced process analysis.

7. Evaluation

Minit or Partner presents the findings and gives recommendations.

8. Process Optimization

Customer implements some or all recommended improvements.

9. Measure & Compare

Compare optimized process with the original to measure impact.

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