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Rework Detector


Find unnecessary rework, take steps to address their root causes, eliminate them, and clear the path to seamless processes.


Process rework means you are spending at least twice as much effort on an activity than necessary, allocating time and resources again just to reach the goal that should have already been achieved.

Do you know

  • how many cases contain rework?
  • the scale?
  • whether it is within the same activity or spreading over multiple activities?
  • which activity initiates and which removes the rework?


To analyze the occurrence and scale of rework and investigate which activities trigger and end it, employ Minit Rework Detector.

Pro Tip: Identify rework on various levels of the company such as a subsidiary, division, sub-division, department, or team. More about Hierarchical Process Mining



Minit Rework Detector within a process mining map and statistics view clearly pinpoints the scale of rework, consisting both of loops (complex rework over multiple activities) and self-loops (rework within the same activity).


It also calculates loop inflow and outflow, separating the loop starting activities (triggers) and ending activities (finishers) from the actual repeated activities. 



Minit Rework Detector will help you identify the most common reasons of rework, which are:

  • quality issues (e.g. incorrectly filled-in forms),
  • faulty process set-up (e.g. process or form have not been designed correctly in the first place),
  • external factors (e.g. change in order by the customer).

In addition, you'll be able to constantly check and optimize the process for further potential rework elimination and better process transparency.

Pro Tip: Run process simulations and check if the adjusted process performance will bring better results. More about Process Simulation


With near real-time integrated
data flows from Minit, we can
truly understand how people
create value.

Juha Byman, Head of Advanced Analytics

Works with any system and data source

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