Process Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation

Minit makes the difference between success and disappointment in delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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Getting RPA right is difficult

Minit helps you avoid common mistakes that often prevent organizations from delivering on the promise of RPA.

  • Targeting RPA at the wrong processes

    Often the wrong processes are tackled because they are very painful for agents, even if they don't offer huge savings.

  • Not optimizing processes for RPA

    Automating a badly functioning process equals wasting the benefit of RPA. Any error becomes a systemic and widespread issue across that business process and data set.

  • Underestimating what happens after RPA

    Robots perform their tasks faster and in much larger scale, causing higher workload and performance peaks and tax the IT infrastructure.

Minit delivers RPA success

Minit provides in-depth analysis and insights into the design of the automated process and post-implementation monitoring.

Target processes with the best return

  • Minit helps you assess opportunities and identify the optimal low or medium complexity processes or subprocesses with a minimum of 0.5 FTE savings.
  • In complex and critical processes Minit helps you identify the highest value parts.

Optimize so that robots can do more

  • Minit detects problems, bottlenecks, and unnecessary steps within the process, to optimize it before RPA implementation.
  • Simple changes in the process can allow a robot to do a larger part of the process.
  • Identify the ideal process variant to maximize your return on investment.

Assess impact of robots post implementation

  • Minit will monitor the performance of robots and of the entire process
  • Quantify the benefits of RPA optimized process vs. the original.
  • Evaluate the RPA impact on jobs that are being performed manually.
  • Monitor the impact on the IT infrastructure and information systems as such.

Brochure: Actionable Insights for Your Business

Which processes are suitable

Robotic process automation is helping increase accuracy & efficiency, and dramatically reduce costs in a variety of processes.


  • Account closure and opening
  • Account audit requests
  • Foreign exchange payments
  • Claims processing

Supply Chain

  • Order management
  • Material requirements planning system
  • Energy consumption and procurement
  • Payment protection measures

People Management

  • Timesheet administration
  • Job role change
  • Amendment of address details
  • On- and off-boarding procedures

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