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RPA Guide

How to Prepare Data to Avoid Pitfalls

Read our guide created for decision makers and leaders responsible for making RPA a success. 

An estimate says that 30-50% of all first time RPA initiatives don’t succeed. Why such a high failure rate? 

For starters, data. Data is messy, sensitive, and scattered.  

Forrester reports that 60% of decision makers at organizations adopting automation technologies like RPA cite, “data quality as either challenging or very challenging — it’s their top challenge when trying to deliver AI capabilities.” 


Thanks to this guide, you'll discover: 

  • how to set up data for RPA success, 
  • what story does your data tell, 
  • primary ways data impacts RPA deployments, 
  • the road to RPA success with Process Mining. 

About the Author
Michal Rosik - Chief Product Officer

Minit’s CPO Michal Rosik has a passion for understanding how processes happen in reality and for uncovering issues that obstruct peak performance. He is an expert in helping companies worldwide extract value from their data, improve business performance and eliminate inefficiency from their operations by optimizing their business processes.

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