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RPA Is Screaming for Help, Send a Lifeguard!

Process Mining defines when it’s a good idea for RPA to go surfing.

Michal Rosik, CPO

Michal Rosik
Chief Product Officer

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RPA Is Screaming for Help, Send a Lifeguard!

In most enterprises, RPA initiatives took the “automation-first” approach, not reflecting efficiency and compliance of the processes.

The low-hanging fruit was suddenly gone and the expected ROI did not meet the desired expectations. More than 60% of RPA initiatives have been drowning.

Only end-to-end process transparency and the “optimization-first” approach can yield the expected results and save RPA’s life.

Just like a lifeguard, process mining is not only a small supplement to help, it is the only one that can help. It defines the swimming rules, sets the coastal barriers, raises the flags every morning and overlooks the shore for potential dangers.

Simply, Process Mining defines when it’s a good idea for RPA to go surfing.

Take a look at our session from RPA & Intelligent Automation LIVE 2020. You'll learn:

  • What is the so-called "RPA Paradox",
  • The important difference between Process Mining and Task Mining,
  • How are Process and Task Mining applied to the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order use case, 
  • How the roles and responsibilities of a lifeguard apply to processes, 
  • Who is a process guard, and much more.  


  • Welcome
  • RPA Paradox
  • Why RPA projects fail
  • The synergy of Process Mining and Task Mining
  • Lifeguard from the PR2PO perspective
  • PR2PO on SAP: Use case summary
  • Duty #1: Opening and closing beaches
  • Duty #2: Weather & conditions monitoring
  • Duty #3: Organizing beach activities
  • Duty #4: Overseeing the surfers' safety
  • Duty #5: Contributing to maintenance and upkeep
  • Minit Demo
  • Who is a process guard?
  • Q&A

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  • "Clients have found Minit's product to be intuitive and have highlighted its proactive support and flexibility as some of the key strengths."Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group
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