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Find true causes of process issues with new AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis. Learn More

Minit Process Mining
Is Powerful Unbiased Objective Exact

Use AI powered process intelligence to
make data-driven decisions from day one.

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Minit works with any system and data source.

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01 Analyst

Bridge between raw data and the organization.

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02 Dashboards

Actionable process insights at a glance for everyone.

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01 Analyst

Get deep insights into how your processes run, uncover root causes of problems, and build useful outputs for the rest of your organization.

  • Get deep insights into the process
  • Identify points of inefficiency
  • Uncover root causes with ease
  • Determine optimal process model
  • Develop steps for reengineering
  • Prepare insights for the organization

Analyst Features

AI-Powered Root-Cause Analysis

Analyst _01@2x-1

Use Machine Learning algorithms to uncover hidden connections in your process data and investigate where and why problems occur.


Business Rules

Analyst _02@2x

Check how your process is complying with the pre-set rules and stay alerted to learn if your operational KPIs and standards are met


Process Simulation


Before you go live, see the impact of changes applied to processes or find out which optimization proposals return best results.


Custom Metrics

Analyst _04@2x

Don’t limit your process analysis with predefined functions. Use custom metrics to tailor the analysis as you need.


Hierarchical Process Mining

Analyst _05@2x

Experience a new dimension in process map interpretation & simplification, enabling you to drill down or zoom out all the process activities as needed.


Rework Detector

Analyst _06@2x

Automatically identify repeating activities across your processes and pinpoint the root cause and impact of rework.


Process Compare


Process Compare feature helps you gain insights into which business process is performing better or learn how it has deviated from the original blueprint.


Analyst _01@2x-1

02 Dashboards

Minit Dashboards provide you with a window into what is happening in your organization, in near-real-time to capture opportunities and mitigate undesired process outcomes.

  • Insights into the performance of the whole organization from the process perspective.
  • Telling a visual story of how the organization creates value for its customers.
  • Visibility into progress towards defined results by monitoring key process indicators.
  • Driving better business decisions at every level, based on hard data.
  • Monitoring the impact of individuals, teams or divisions on the entire business.
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and process excellence through deep process understanding.

Dashboards Features

Dashboard _01@2x


Dashboard _01@2x

Show easy-to-understand visualisation of any process by combining graphs, charts, statistics and even the process map itself.



When focusing on a specific issue or trying to find the root cause of inefficiencies, just select what interests you and Dashboards will behave accordingly.

Storytelling & Presentations


Combine analytics and visual commentary to provide A-to-Z explanation of your findings, as well as a timeline of the slides presenting insights and ideas; no more backup or static slides – just drill down into the currently open slide and use all the power of interaction to answer all the ad-hoc stakeholders’ questions.


Dashboard _04@2x

Immediately access live analysis to answer follow-up questions that arise in discussion.

Cognitive Engine

Dashboard _06@2x

Use context-aware suggestions to easily create and enhance your dashboards.


Dashboard _07@2x

Easily use and create Dashboards on any device with a friendly drag & drop method.

"There are huge savings of time and money investments in choosing process mining over traditional methods to discover and model processes especially for the processes for which you have data readily available."
Tushar Srivastana Assoc Principal Analyst Gartner, Inc.

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