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Minit Process Mining is Powerful

Minit technology is built with results in mind. We focus on enabling individuals, teams and entire organizations to do what they are best at by enhancing their day-to-day work with deep process insights and functional technology.


Works with any system and data source

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Why Companies Choose Minit?

  • results-focus@3x Results-Focused Getting the right results with the least effort in the shortest time
  • connected@3x Intuitive UI Turning sophisticated technology into simple-to-use features
  • scalable@3x Scalable Robust technology and infrastructure to handle even the complex processes
  • ease-of-use@3x Easy to Deploy Simple fully-guided installation process for quick deployment
  • performance@3x Strong Performance Reducing processing times to the minimum for seamless work
  • affordable@3x Affordable Technology that runs smoothly even on average priced hardware

Process Mining Suite for the Entire Organization

A business consists of many different stakeholders, all of whom rely on the right data at the right time. Minit caters to every level of data analysis skills, from novice to expert, and makes it easy for everyone to make better data-backed decisions. 


The bridge between the raw data and the organization.

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Actionable process insights at a glance for everyone.

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Minit Analyst

Bridge Between the Raw Data and the Organization

Helping data analysts and process specialists turn data into deeper understanding and, ultimately, continuous improvements.
  • Get deep insights into the process
  • Identify points of inefficiency
  • Uncover root cause with ease
  • Determine optimal process model
  • Develop steps for reengineering
  • Prepare insights for the organization
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Get a quick visual and analytical insights into how teams, units or divisions execute the same processes to ensure business rule compliance.

Automatically identify repeating activities across your processes and pinpoint the root cause and impact of rework.

Uncover hidden insights with a strong toolbox of filtering possibilities that allow you to hone in on the smallest process detail.

Connect to a standard or a home-grown system with ease or import process data from all common file types. 

"With near real-time integrated data flows from Minit, we can truly understand how people create value."

Juha Byman, StoraEnso
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“This was the easiest to operate and coordinate process mining and visualization tool I had ever seen."

Jim Sinur, Aragon Research

Minit Dashboards

Interactive Process Insights at a Glance for Everyone

Minit Dashboards provide you with a window into what is happening in your organization, in near-real-time to capture opportunities and mitigate undesired process outcomes.

  • Insights into the performance of the whole organization from the process perspective.
  • Telling a visual story of how the organization creates value for its customers.
  • Visibility into progress towards defined results by monitoring key process indicators.
  • Driving better business decisions at every level, based on hard data.
  • Monitoring the impact of individuals, teams or divisions on the entire business.
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and process excellence through deep process understanding.
minit-feature-dashboards@2x minit-dashboard-storytelling@3x minit-analyst-rework-detector@3x minit-dashboard-cognitive-engine-insights@3x

Show easy-to-understand visualisation of any process by combining graphs, charts, statistics and even the process map itself.

Combine analytics and visual commentary to provide A to Z explanation of your findings.

Immediately access live analysis to answer follow-up questions that arise in discussion.

Use context-aware suggestions to easily create and enhance your dashboards.

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