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Process Mining for Audit & Compliance

Minit brings a difference to the quality and efficiency of internal audit services.

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Data-Driven Process Audit & Compliance

Minit Process Mining technology enables automatic, unbiased, and fact-based operational audit and compliance checking. Directly analyze the processes with all their variations and ensure the internal controls are working.

  • ico_1 Process Discovery
    Avoid time-consuming and resource-heavy process mapping that depends on inaccurate and biased subjective views from interviews.
  • ico_2 Process Compliance
    Assess compliance, test key controls such as segregation of duties, compare actual practices against the practices called for in law or policy.
  • ico_3 Performance Analysis
    Examine the effectiveness or efficiency. Analyze performance of individuals or entire departments. Identify the outcomes achieved.
  • ico_4 Financial Analysis of Process
    Track money flow within processes. Analyze and verify compliance in procurement, accounts payable or accounts receivable processes.

Example: Operational Audit

Assess minimum level of internal controls using high-level process mining of key processes. Assess design of internal controls using detailed filter techniques and test IT controls; effectiveness and efficiency using Minit's detailed filter and visualization techniques.

Risk Assessment

Gain immediate insight into your risk assessment. Review key processes by comparing them to the designed processes, and see where deviations occur.


Use Minit to gain insight into various key processes throughout a company, business unit per business unit, division by division, and to scope in higher risk areas into your audits.

Test Design of Company’s Control Framework

Each financial statement audit requires a minimum assessment of the design of the control framework. Minit enables you to test the design of key processes.

Testing Controls

Each key process includes a number of specific controls designed to mitigate risk. Minit's filters help you to perform a detailed test of controls using 100% of the underlying transactions/events.

Segregation of Duties

Each framework is designed in a matter that ensures proper segregation in duties while processing transactions and carrying out activities. Use filters and stats to drill down into the process and uncover breaches.

Follow the Money

Follow the flow of money and map its footprint. Track high value and high-frequency transactions irrespective of use cases. Assess whether reported financial information (e.g., financial condition, results, and use of resources) is presented fairly.

Next Generation Process Audit & Compliance Technology

Real processes are reconstructed starting from the data to support fact-based process improvements.

  • Discover a process model without prior knowledge about it
  • Identify and immediately eliminate process waste
  • Uncover risk, fraud, and control issues
  • Make sure compliance of both legal & internal company rules is achieved
  • Understand the socialization patterns and how people interact
  • System (ERP, SCM, CRM, BPMS) agnostic; No lock-in
  • Maximize the usage of data analytics tools such as ACL: instead of a sample, all events in a business process are evaluated
  • Clearly see bottlenecks, variants, and efficient practices
  • Analyze a bypass, see who is involved and what the value of those cases is

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