Adapt Quickly, Drive New Value

Companies unable or unprepared for Digital Transformation will quickly fall to the bottom of the pack. Process Mining plays a key role in the transformation organizations, helping them adapt quickly by continuously analyzing data and developing insights that drive new value.

Enable strategic change

Enable Strategic Change

Overlooked process data is an enabler of future strategies and immediate change, thanks to the power of Process Mining and analytics.

Facilitate effective growth

Facilitate Effective Growth

Understanding the processes is the key to the successful implementation of operational strategies that facilitate agile and effective business growth.

Accelerate change

Accelerate Change

By using Process Mining organizations can answer questions in seconds rather than days, and in days rather than months.

Gain competitive advantage

Gain Competitive Advantage

Transparency in your operations enables quick reactions to business challenges, provides a competitive advantage, improves performance.

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Minit Powers Digital Transformation

Elevate your organization by innovating faster, working smarter, and moving at digital speed.

Expand digital transformation beyond disconnected initiatives

Expand Digital Transformation Beyond Disconnected Initiatives

If your digital transformation efforts are focused exclusively on customer engagement, odds are they won’t reach their potential.Digital transformation has several dimensions, including operational processes. The most successful organizations deliver superior customer value by engineering agility into every aspect of business operations. Minit Process Mining facilitates operational transparency and provides insights that support automated process optimization. It will directly impact your ability to retain customers and reduce cost. Ultimately, it will expand the possibilities of digital transformation.

Continual evidence-based decision making

Continual Evidence-based Decision Making

Digital transformation requires making better decisions based on hard evidence.
The information exchanges that require analysis, occur at high volumes across various digital touchpoints making them hard to observe. To influence customer outcomes conclusions must be available in near real time. Digital transformation is a journey rather than a destination and requires that companies create looped cycles of data collation, analysis and process change in the organization to enable better customer conversations and deliver better experiences

Engagement management

Engagement Management

Customers expect high quality, personalized experiences across all incoming and outgoing media channels and devices. Therefore analysis must encompass all these channels. Digital customers are agile and change preferences and expectations much faster than most large organizations are able to respond and adapt. Minit Process Mining reveals insights about what is happening at the point of engagement between the organization and the digital customer and identifies areas where processes and systems are out of step with changing customer expectations.

Robotic Automation is Top Priority

Robotic Process Automation is accelerating Digital Transformation, allowing organizations to optimise their existing processes. It is IT system and process agnostic, allowing businesses to build on their systems within the existing IT environment.
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To create a transformative environment and improve speed and quality of delivery, organizations can automate existing processes. This will increase the ability to frequently release high-quality products and enable revenue and profit growth.

Automation also improves operational efficiency and allows employees to focus on more rewarding tasks. RPA handles repetitive, rules-based tasks and eliminates human error. RPA can significantly reduce the overall process cycle.

Organisations embarking on digital transformation journey need to consider how each aspect of their business can be optimised to fulfil new digital objectives and new growth potential. Process Mining software plays a pivotal role enabling RPA projects.