Process analysis & optimization for better performance

Analyze current state of your business processes to get a baseline for process improvements and identify key problem areas to be addressed by BPM.

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Analyze operational data to drive better business results

Process intelligence software Minit can continuously analyze and visualize the flow of your operations and help you identify specific ways to improve your business. Faster, easier and more cost-effective than any other process improvement method.

  • Identify key problem areas to be addressed by BPM

    Gain insight into the actual flow of business processes, find causes of process inefficiencies, exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, weaknesses & risks.

  • Power your continuous improvement strategy

    Minit accelerates optimization efforts. Real-time insights into actual business process steps create continuous opportunities for improvement.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey

    Use discovered processes for building automated business process test cases. Analyze, optimize and rethink each process to achieve tactical changes that could increase efficiency.

  • Decrease resource needs, free up working capital

    Optimize resource allotment to focus on strategic initiatives, instead of letting employees spend countless hours on mundane manual activities.

BI doesn't have all the answers

You might rely on Business Intelligence systems for monitoring of the process performance. But when KPIs fall outside the optimal range, how do you identify the cause? How do you tell exactly which process is underperforming and where to take corrective action?

Bussiness intelligence lacks insights for peak performance

Business intelligence tools strive to improve decision making and provide monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It might seem that BI fulfills the same needs that Process Intelligence does - helping businesses achieve optimal performance. BI's hidden flaw is the assumption that business processes are known and happening as prescribed. But even well-defined operations don’t usually go as planned. When that happens, BI can only show you what happened but struggles to answer why. Decision makers then try to solve performance issues by relying on intuition. What they need is a means to look at the underlying process objectively.

Process intelligence unlocks performance potential

Minit provides deep insights into the end-to-end process, bridging the gaps between different systems and information silos. It unravels the complex web of events that make up a process and provides an output of high-level KPIs which provide valuable insight into process performance. This ability to dive into transactional level data allows process owners to identify where serious deficiencies lie, to understand the drivers and impacts of path variations and start implementing a solution. By applying Minit for analysis, organizations can continually optimize and re-engineer the process to improve performance, maximize operational efficiency, and cut costs.

How Minit fits into the BPM lifecycle

Minit is a strategic technology that provides key insights necessary in business process management, accelerates deployment of complex IT solutions and speeds up process improvement projects.

1.Process Discovery

Use Minit to discover the primary, management and support processes and establish performance indicators. Prepare for process analysis.

2. Process Analysis

Minit will create "As-Is" process model from historical data and highlight opportunities for improvement for the following phases of your BPM project.

3. Process Redesign

Design a new process aligned with the strategic goals of the company. Make simulations based on scenarios and include the necessary improvements.

4. Process Implementation

Whether you do a systemic implementation, i.e. with the aid of specific software and technologies, or a non-systemic one use findings from the analytics phase to implement the new process and define process guidelines and KPIs.

5. Process Monitoring

Monitor appropriate indicators to assess the results obtained. Minit helps you monitor the length of process time, the monetary cost spent on the process, as well as quality - errors and variations that affect delivery to customers.

6. Process Refinement

Here is where continuous process improvement begins - by analyzing the indicators and deciding if the strategic objectives are being achieved. By regularly monitoring the process with Minit, continue to improve performance and customer satisfaction and educe costs.

Brochure: Actionable Insights for Your Business

Maximize operational efficiency

  • Optimize process performance and efficiency

  • Improve profitability by increasing production and decreasing costs

  • Higher throughput

  • Reduce inventory

  • Reduce time to product release

  • Improve transparency and manageability of process performance

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