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Process Mining for Robotic Process Automation

Process Mining makes the difference between success and disappointment in delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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Getting RPA Right is Difficult

Minit Process Mining helps you avoid common mistakes that prevent organizations from delivering on the promise of RPA.

  • ico_1 Targeting RPA at Wrong Processes
    Reverse losses stemming from complexity, inefficiencies, payment errors, and fraud. Reduce costs of Transactional Purchasing Process and Accounts Payable Process.
  • ico_2 Not Optimizing Processes for RPA
    Improve/protect customer service, revenue & profit. Reduce maverick spending. Implement controls across the enterprise on the number of ways purchases can be transacted.
  • ico_3 Underestimating What Happens After RPA
    Reduce supplier late payments penalties. Align category spend with the optimal channel. Eliminate supplier non-compliance to contract. Improve supplier relations.

How Minit Fits Into the RPA Lifecycle

Robotic Process Automation is making businesses more efficient by automating repetitive tasks, increasing quality of work, reducing error and risk in business processes.

But according to the industry experts:
50% RPA opportunities are currently being missed.


Choose Which Processes to Automate

Choosing which processes to automate is difficult, especially if RPA could benefit multiple departments. Minit Process Mining can provide a thorough audit of activities done on a daily basis to identify potential candidates.

Use Minit to map processes and determine areas which are repetitive, rules-based, high volume, and do not require human judgment, and identify which parts of the process are suitable for automation.

Optimize to Avoid Automating a Faulty Process

Automating an inefficient or poorly controlled process will only amplify problems in it. The consistency in the application of RPA means that if you get it wrong errors become systemic and widespread across that business process and data set.

Our Process Mining software will highlight exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, and potential risks in the process, to ensure automated activities are not incomplete or incorrect. Optimizing the process with even small, simple changes usually results in the robot doing a more significant part of the process.

Monitor to Ensure It’s Working As Intended

Despite rigorous testing before deployment, it is only by seeing the robot live in processing that you uncover the unknowns in the production environment. Review the processing and decisions made by the bot, early in deployment and make corrections of rules and logic as necessary.

Analyze event logs generated by the robots with Minit to visualize transactions, identify process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, control and data quality issues and identify to what extent transactions follow their prescribed paths versus the actual paths.


Process Mining & RPA: The Perfect Marriage

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Minit Delivers RPA Success

Minit provides in-depth analysis and insights into the design of the automated process and post-implementation monitoring.

  • ico_4 Target Processes With Highest Return
    • Minit helps you assess opportunities and identify the optimal low or medium complexity processes or subprocesses with a minimum of 0.5 FTE savings.
    • In complex and critical processes, Minit helps you identify the highest value parts.
  • ico_5 Optimize So That Robots Can Do More
    • Minit detects problems, bottlenecks, and unnecessary steps within the process, to optimize it before RPA implementation.
    • Simple changes in the process can allow a robot to do a larger part of the process.
    • Identify the ideal process variant to maximize your return on investment.
  • ico_6 Assess Impact of Robots
    • Minit will monitor the performance of robots and of the entire process.
    • Quantify the benefits of RPA optimized process vs. the original.
    • Evaluate the RPA impact on jobs that are being performed manually.
    • Monitor the impact on the IT infrastructure and information systems as such.

Which Processes Are Suitable

Robotic process automation is helping increase accuracy & efficiency, and dramatically reduce costs in a variety of processes.

  • Finance
    • Account closure and opening
    • Account audit requests
    • Foreign exchange payments
    • Claims processing
  • Supply Chain
    • Order management
    • Material requirements planning system
    • Energy consumption and procurement
    • Payment protection measures
  • People Management
    • Timesheet administration
    • Job role change
    • Amendment of address details
    • On- and off-boarding procedures

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