Enhance ROI of your BPM
with Process Mining

Presented at the Process Excellence Network Digital Event BPM 2018

Michal Rosik, CPO, Minit

Chapter Times:

00:00 – Welcome 
01:30 – Pitfalls of BPM Initiatives
02:15 – Defining ROI
03:15 – Hidden Costs of BPM
08:45 – Expectations of BPM
11:00 – Why BPM Initiatives Fail?
20:30– The role of Process Mining in BPM implementation
30:20 – DEMO – Process Mining and BPM
32:40– Financial Analysis of Processes
34:00– Clustering of Process by Department
35:00– Mapping Social Interactions within Processes
36:00– Analyzing the Process, Variant DNA, Details and Statistics
37:50– Root-cause Analysis with Case-duration Influencer
39:00– Monitoring Processes
40:45– Compliance Checking
41:40– Business Process Monitoring Dashboards and KPIs
43:42 – Summary
45:00 – Q&A

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