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Humans vs Bots: Monitor your hybrid process end-to-end

How to monitor alignment between bots and employees, or discover inefficiencies in your automated processes with Process Mining.

Michal Rosik, Minit CPO

Michal Rosik
Chief Product Officer

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Humans vs Bots

You have finally deployed bots into your operations, ready to happily watch as your RPA initiative bears fruit for your company.

But have you ever examined whether the entire process has improved, not just the part executed by the bots?

You should never forget that your hybrid process involves a human aspect, too. You can, therefore, easily find out that the bots perform perfectly, but not in alignment with your employees. The extensive workload for employees, delays, inefficiency of the entire process - these are just a few issues that your company can face.

Watch the full session presented at IA World Series Live 2019, and learn how to maximize the benefits of your RPA initiative. The session includes two highly hands-on demos.

Watch the full session and demos to learn:

  • How to look at your automated process end-to-end and ensure that the entire process is running smoothly as expected?
  • How to identify the right candidates for automation? [DEMO]
  • What are the most common post-implementation challenges in RPA, and how to overcome them with the help of Process Mining?
  • How to successfully monitor alignment between bots and your workforce? [DEMO]


  • Welcome
  • A look at the entire process lifecycle
  • How does process optimization with Process Mining software work?
  • Viewer Poll
  • RPA and Process Mining in synergy
  • How to find the right candidates for RPA [DEMO]
  • Viewer Poll
  • RPA lifecycle
  • How to monitor your automated process end-to-end [DEMO]
  • Summary
  • Q&A

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