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Maximize RPA ROI With Process Mining

How will Process Mining help you overcome obstacles of a successful RPA implementation?


Michal Rosik
Chief Product Officer

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Maximize ROI of Your RPA with Process Mining

Robotic Process Automation is the most disruptive technology with virtual robots available today.

However, the number of businesses that have implemented RPA at a scale and were disappointed by the ROI delivered is a warning sign. Accurate, data-based insights provided by Process Mining during the entire RPA lifecycle make it the first technology with the potential to genuinely transform your organization and operations.

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Learn how to maximize the benefits of your RPA initiative, including a showcase of Process Mining software on real data.

You will learn:

  • Feedback from the market: what prevents fast RPA implementation at a scale
  • Why there is no systemic way to identify potential automation candidates
  • How to identify what can be automated by using Process Mining [DEMO]
  • How to overcome obstacles awaiting post-implementation


  • Welcome
  • RPA Landcape and Problems
  • How ROI estimation can lead to automation of wrong processes
  • Selecting the right RPA candidates using Process Mining
  • Poll
  • The role of Process Mining in RPA implementation
  • DEMO – Synergy between Process Mining and RPA
  • Summary
  • Q&A

PEAK Matrix® for
Process Mining 2021

  • Everest Group published Process Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021
  • Minit has been recognized as a Leader and Star Performer
  • "Clients have found Minit's product to be intuitive and have highlighted its proactive support and flexibility as some of the key strengths."Amardeep Modi, Practice Director at Everest Group
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