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Process Analysis Reinvented With Process Mining

Let's look at process hygiene as a necessary step for a BPA and BPI initiative and demonstrate how to leverage Process Mining when aiming for success and fast ROI.

Roel Schenk

Roel Schenk
Global Implementation Lead

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Process Analysis Reinvented with Process Mining

Business Process Analysis is not a magic tool that can change the top 10 problems in your process.

But it can help you understand your business process in such a clear and visual manner that you can start testing your own hypothesis. Not to mention that it is an essential step for successful Business Process Improvement.

Watch our session presented at the IA World Series 2020, and discover how to maximize the benefits of your BPA and BPI initiative with Minit Process Mining.

Watch the full session and demo to learn:

  • How Process Hygiene can influence the overall results of your Business Process Improvement initiative
  • Real-life examples of mapping out the actual business process performance
  • P2P process from Business Process Improvement perspective
  • Insights into process variants, process simulation feature, process comparison, and more [DEMO]
  • How to lead a successful RPA initiative with the help of Process Mining


  • Welcome
  • Agenda
  • Business Process Improvement as the Main Goal
  • Hygienic Process for RPA
  • Process Simulation as an Important Part of the RPA Initiatives [DEMO]
  • Poll and Q&As