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Seamless Processes
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Uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency by transforming the way you analyze, monitor, and optimize processes.

Why Enterprises
Work with Minit?

Risk-Free Approach

Starting with Minit is risk free. You can start with a small number of users and analyze unlimited number of processes and data in a short time.

Once you see the initial value, there is nothing easier then to scale up the number of users and multiply process improvement opportunities across other use-cases and departments.

There are no hidden costs for paying for additional data and processes.


Powerful Analytics Working with Any Data Source

You can use Minit's uniquely built algorithms with any enterprise system from Oracle and SAP to ServiceNow and Salesforce, and many others. 

Apart from process discovery, analysisand compliance checkingthe solution provides full process intelligence experience such as Dashboards, AI Powered Root-Cause Analysis, Business Rules monitoringSimulations, and many more.

user-friendly interface

Performance Efficiency & Flexible Deployment

The cooperation with us is straightforward and effective with fast deployment and better total cost of ownership.

The way to first results is quick, providing value from day one. Thanks to flexible business model, you can scale our solution throughout the entire organization.  

performance efficiency

Extensive Support & Product Co-Innovation

Our consulting team provides extensive support and the whole company, including our management, always goes the extra mile to help you get the highest value from the solution.

We also lead thorough discussions with the customers and try to implement their feedback into our product roadmap.

extensive support

User-Friendly Interface

Even though our solution is based on complex algorithms, our clean, modern, and data-centric design provides customers with intuitive navigation, smooth user experience, and wide adoption within the entire organization.

powerful analytics

Customer Results



Global chemical manufacturer saved $1.2M by optimizing Order-to-Cash



Process Mining verified potential to accelerate operations by approx. 20%



Telco giant saved $5M on Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining


3 hrs

By reducing case duration by 3 hrs, logistics company saved €466K

Trusted by

"Digital transformation is absolutely paramount for any economical activity in the world. And it all starts with Process Mining, which allows you to understand what’s going on in your company."
Christian Morales Former Corp VP GM Emea at Intel & Chair at Minit.io
"There are huge savings of time and money investments in choosing process mining over traditional methods to discover and model processes especially for the processes for which you have data readily available."
Tushar Srivastana Assoc Principal Analyst Gartner, Inc.
“Process mining with Minit has proven to be a key driver in making intelligent, day-to-day improvements, on every level. Giving our business users the power to understand, in detail, the processes they work on, without the need for expert-level data analysis knowledge, has been groundbreaking.”
Juha Byman Head of Advanced Analytics, Stora Enso
"With Minit Process Mining, you can very easily delve into process details. There are a lot of different ways you can slice and dice your OTC and P2P cycles. Process Mining is a super interesting way to go about it."
Sander Rurup Senior Data Analyst and Analytics Team Manager at BDO Netherlands

Our software solution consists of Minit Analyst and Minit Dashboards and works with any system and data source.



Bridge between raw data and the organization.



Actionable process insights at a glance for everyone.

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